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First of all, Merry Christmas and happy early New year 2017!!! Let us be realistic and admit that 2016 was not the best of years! Bu...

First of all, Merry Christmas and happy early New year 2017!!!

Let us be realistic and admit that 2016 was not the best of years! But I must say in 2016 I did some great discoveries and sometimes I RE-discovered brands that I somehow forgot!!

In this post I will be talking about the products I used for my everyday makeup either for work, or lunch with my parents or date night with my love.

Allons-y! (the 10th Doctor way)

As a start I would go with my Benefit Cosmetics primer {the PORE fessional} - I LOVE IT and I swear by it! when you use this primer your skin becomes softer and smoother and its the best primer to apply before the foundation. 

For the foundation I use two products {on different days please} 

For work or coffee outings I would use my BB Peau parfaite from Yves Rocher. It's so easy to apply with a brush or a beauty blender and even for those who have no time to apply their foundation with the usual brush and like to use their fingers, well this one's for you!

For my more serious/important events, and since we're in winter and we're in a pale-ish mood I would go with my Urban Decay weightless foundation. I HAVE AN IMMENSE PASSION FOR THIS ONE! for winter/fall this is the best foundation.

PS: when I use the BB cream I do not use a primer for it has it's own sort of primer in it, but when I use the UD Naked foundation I definitely use the primer.

Samoa cosmetics is from the products I have totally forgotten about and rediscovered this year! Let me tell you I have tried A LOT of setting powders but none worked magically like the Catwalk - Mineral Loose Powder! It sets the foundation perfectly, it makes your face glow like never! 

For my contouring I use the SLA double kit contouring palette! PERFECTION! Either for me or my customers I would go for this one. 

To finish with the face I overused my Candlelight Glow from TooFaced. For a pop up and beautiful highlight Too Faced is here for you!!!!!

PS: I use both the SLA and the TooFaced for both the face and the eyes (as eyes shadows: Brown as the dark color, White as the light color and the highlighter in the inner corner of the eye).


- Gimme Brow: for setting your brows
- Goof Proof: to draw you brows
- BrowYo: brow primer 

My brows totally changed to the better!
The primer gave length to my brows, and the "empty" spaces in my brows are somehow and magically starting to fill up!
The brow pencil is so easy to use and you don't need to really stress on it to see it on your brows (I'm in the shade 3)
As for the brow pencil setter well the size is simple very easy to use!

For the lashes I have two favorites from two brands that for me are exceptional! 

Better Than Sex by TooFaced:
+ Gives length to your lashes
+ You don't need 100 layers to see the difference 
+ The shape of the applicator is simple and it goes with the shape of your eye

Perversion by Urban Decay:
+ Perfect for the lower lashes
+ For an everyday none dramatic look
+ One layer is enough





I was only able to choose 4 out of every single lippie I own. Yes lipsticks are my weakness. I have a lot, and the personal ones not the ones I use for my clients!

1- I present to you the Samoa lipstick from their 40andFAB specials. The texture is really nice and smooth. The product lasts all the required time. the color is simply gorgeous!

2- Also from Samoa is the Jumbo lip pencil with the perfect shade of reddish/brownish/pinkish perfection!

3/4- The Stila bright and bold by  Stila Cosmetics. What I love is the colors, the shape of the applicator, the fact that its matte, the fact that this product lasts ALL DAY with food and drinks.

I take the chance to inform you about this special and amazing website from which I got my Stila cosmetics and it's Feel22! this is your makeup savior! it has the brands we don't have in Lebanon! you either order through the website or via whatsapp! Check the website you'll surely find your demands and happiness! The service is TOP TOP TOP! and the prices are affordable and you will love the brands they are offering! 

voila, here's a small everyday products using my favorites.


I'm planning a lot of new little things for the blog in 2017!
Thank you for always being here!

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