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My Loves Every time I surf the internet, I find memes about "love" and "relationships" and how everyone is e...

My Loves

Every time I surf the internet, I find memes about "love" and "relationships" and how everyone is either getting engaged or married and the "not ready to love type of people" are here watching TV, or enjoying a ring like piece of chips...

In today's post, I want to share with you few tips for a healthy relation and to try my best to convince you that being in a relation, falling in love, getting engaged and/or married is not a bad thing and that you can make the best of it.

I've been with my fiancé for 6 years now, starting our 7th very soon. We have been through lots of "mostly" ups and few downs, and believe me a fight from time to time is a good thing, and it shows you how much the other person cares. {Don't get me wrong, I don't like fighting with him, but i'm saying it's "good" sometimes}.

For a healthy relation you need to do few things (20 things I thought about):

01-Trusting your partner is beyond important (a 50/50 state of mind does not work)
02-Count to 10 before speaking; in other words, before saying what you want to say, you will need to see how it will affect you if it were to be said to you
03-Learn to say "sorry" when you should
04-Know your limits
05-Don't be afraid to ask and clarify things that annoy you (regarding your relation of course)
06-Change is good thing for a healthy relationship. If you really love your partner, you could change things about yourself (and vice versa), of course if what you are changing about yourself is leading to better stability
07-Don't call/text every 5 minutes
08-Love yourself
09-Learn to share; either what’s on your mind, or what you own. {TALKING TALKING TALKING, don't be afraid to communicate with the person you love}
10-Organize surprises, go to dinners, go on roadtrips, live day by day
11-Have your alone time from your partner; go out with your girlfriends ...
12-Gifts, and money fade with time, don’t base your relation on them
13-Show him/her you care by being yourself 
14-Forget about your social life/mobile phone when you’re with your partner
15-Don't be afraid to introduce your friends/family to your boyfriend/girlfriend
16-Try to teach this person something you are good at
17-Avoid talking about your old relationships, unless you have something important to share regarding it and avoid asking him/her about his/her old relations
18-Don't annoy your partner with the idea of the "wedding", if you guys were made for each other the proposal and what comes with it will happen eventually
19-What happens between you two has to stay between you two, do not go and speaking about everything to everyone 

Voila, here are few tips for a healthy relationship, of course it's all AccordingToMoi.
Do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have
other tips you would like to share
Have a great weekend


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