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I've been talking a lot about  LOVE  lately, I don't really know why! Maybe it's because I'm all over the place with th...

I've been talking a lot about LOVE lately, I don't really know why! Maybe it's because I'm all over the place with the preparations of my wedding, or maybe because I've always loved love. When I was a teenager I was always afraid of something called love. I always thought that I will never ever find someone who would accept me, until the day I met the right guy, and trust me Mr. Right could be anyone and anywhere, don't kill yourself trying to find him, he surely is somewhere around you. 

You will meet a lot, and I mean it, A LOT of people in your life, just remember to get to know the people you meet before taking the next step with them. Don't just go with the flow because you think you have reach an age where you should get married or be in a long term relation. Learn from the people you meet, and teach them something in return. Don't be scared and always be aware of everything that is happening around you. 

Love has its ups and downs. A relationship is based on understanding, acceptance and forgiveness. Don't love a person for its money, or for the brand new car he/she is driving, or for anything that has to do with materialistic matters. Love that person for who he/she is! The relation that is based on a materialistic lifestyle ain't going anywhere, and it will end before it actually begins. Money and co. won't last till the end of times, and else you never know what happens. Always look for respect, and as stated before for understanding. 

Patience is the key to success and happiness!
With that being said, I want to wish you a great day full of love and happiness
Stay positive


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