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It's FRIYAY! Growing up I went through many styles ( clothing wise ), from Gothic ( a complete black attire with lots of dark eyel...

Growing up I went through many styles (clothing wise), from Gothic (a complete black attire with lots of dark eyeliner, where you do not see anything from my eyes) to the very feminine (heels and dresses and preppy clothes), but the only style that I still cannot get over and I'm not going to is the very casual,chill out one. We all like to play dress up -sometimes-, like when we were younger by taking our mother's clothes and heels and run around the house and pretend to be her, because she is our first fashion inspiration. 

Today is one of those days where you feel like you need 10 000 hours of sleep but you have a bit of energy and want to feel fresh by wearing something that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

For today's outfit I opted for a pair of semi high waist, skinny jeans, a black tank top, a chemise and my espadrille. - kind of appropriate for work, simply because today is casual Friday and nothing says Friday better than what I went for [OF COURSE ACCORDING TO MOI].

I don't usually like flashy colors, but I don't know why this one has something that soothes the eyes, and ain't as flashy as it's supposed to be for a hot pink. 

I've never really liked ripped jeans, because I believe that I don't have the "perfect body" for such statement outfits. But with this one I believe that the rips are pretty discrete and well placed. 

On a side note, one of my OCDs is that whenever I see something that is ripped and/or bruised I do not stop until it's completely "ruined", and this is one other reason for avoiding these sort of outfits. 

I love sandals, Birkenstock, platform sandals, I really do but sometimes I just feel like I need to simply wear espadrilles and just walk like I'm barefoot. And with these ones, you feel like you're not just barefoot, but wearing your comfiest unicorn slippers.

Voila, here is today's post

Hope you enjoyed it, and EXCUSE the low quality of the images but they were taken with a mobile.

Outfit Details

Jeans: Imperial Jeans
Tank Top: Stradivarius
Chemise: Calvin Klein
Espadrilles: H&M

Have a great weekend.

👯 👯 👯

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