[AccordingToMoi] Papa, Je t'aime!

Papa, أب, Father A girl's first love. A woman's supporter! Christmas, Valentine, Mother's day and Father's day ar...

Papa, أب, Father
A girl's first love. A woman's supporter!

Christmas, Valentine, Mother's day and Father's day are 4 events we go through in our lives where we get completely lost and start going all craycray and we get to the last day without knowing what to get. Today I come here to write a gift guide post for father's day, enjoy and I hope it will be helpful.

While brainstorming this post, too many ideas came to my mind, and I was totally lost, but I decided to sum up all the things I thought about and share them here.
PS: the photos used are not mine, they were taken from the internet, except for the ones of me and my dad.

What I thought about at first are clothes, yeah a bit cliché, but come on. Fathers usually like to look preppy and pretty, and to a certain point a father is easier to dress than the mother. YEAH!
Most men love a shirt and a tie for their everyday work outfit, and I must admit it, when my Dada wears them to work, he really looks gorgeous!

On another hand, you could go for T-shirts, if the father is more likely young, and like to be more casual than businessman like!

We shouldn't forget the new daddies out there. 

To go with the outfit, if you like to give more than one gift, plus a father deserves all the gifts in the world, you could go for a perfume, most men like perfume. 

Sometimes the perfume is a life saver, trust me, been there, done that. The smells of perfumes these days, are becoming more and more enjoyable, especially men's scents.

There are fathers who's work requires to be extremely and undoubtedly classy and VERY WELL DRESSED, for that reason, you could buy your father Cufflinks. But not any cufflink, you could personalize it and make it special for a special man.

If your father is a fan of beards, and likes to trim it himself (instead of going to a barber) you could get him a shaving kit. There are shaving kits that are vintage and nice to have.

Some kids are pretty handy and like to do things with their own hands. You could create something to your father.
You could create a scrapbook for you and your father, you could make a photo montage of pictures with him and put it in a frame. You could also create a personalized calendar and gift to your dad.

There are a lot of gifts you could get, but the most important gift is your love and appreciation to your dad. Your dad is the most important man in your life. He was, is and will always be here to support you and love you and care for you. He will always be a King in your eyes. Hug him every time you see him, and shower him with love and laughter, for he is the reason you are here, and the person you became.

So always listen to what he says and appreciate his comments - He knows better.

I want to take this opportunity to tell my father and my number one, how much I love him and that I thank him for every little thing he has done. For the love he gave/gives me.

Dad, to me you are the world. And I will always, always, always be here for you, no matter how old I get I will always be your little girl. 

By the way, on the 18th of June, my superman will be celebrating his birthday, so HappyEarlyBirthdayMyLove


I want to thank you all for your constant support, and for always coming back to read more.
Have a wonderful day and I hope to catch you soon with a new post.
Much love

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  1. What a lovely post full of ideas and love.
    I am pretty sure that your dad will feel so blessed reading this :) Your last lines almost made me cry ! I have to say, I'm such a dady's girl too.

    And I just noticed that we almost have the same blog theme ! Your pink color is exactly the same as mine and other détails. So weird I haven't seen this before !


    1. Gabyy ❤️, thank you love for your beautiful words! And thank you for your constant support and thank you for always commenting.

      When i received the template of my blog i noticed this. The girl who created the template showed me other pinks but they are not close to my pink addiction. Hehe
      And she also showed me mint greens but they were so light and didn't fit much.

      Lots of love sent your way

  2. i just follow your blog   nice work. Greetings from Greece. www.beautyisallaround6.blogspot.gr