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Hi. I was going through the blog of a french friend of mine ( Gaby ) the other day and I came across a nice post about the 10 things p...

I was going through the blog of a french friend of mine (Gaby) the other day and I came across a nice post about the 10 things people don't know about her. And I thought to myself why not share this with you as well.

So here are the 10 things you don't know about me (some of you might know them)

I like the smell of burn. You've all been camping, and you all see this one person sitting next to the fire, watching the flames and thinking, well that person is me! I LOVE TO STARE AT THE FIRE AND SMELL THE BURNING WOOD.

I used to bite my nails. When I was younger (around 11 - 12) I started biting my nails and this bad habit lasted till I turned 18, and this is one of the things I hate about myself

I always doubt myself before achieving my goals. Whatever I do, I always find it wrong or incomplete or even bad. Sometimes when I'm starting something *crafty* I always end up either doing the project around 10 times or giving it up.

I'm very shy, even in front of my family and close friends. I have self confidence and high self esteem, but I sometimes if someone talks to me or anything that I turn all red and that I prefer to avoid the conversation. *Weird Weird*

I wish I was born in any other country than the one I was born in. I would accept anywhere! India, France, UK, USA, Zimbabwe.... ANYWHERE! In this country you get to a point where you've had it, where you wish you could just turn your back and leave! But no matter what I still love #Lebanon.

I HATE my name. I find it very cliché, very common. Compared to my brother's name (Cliff) my name is so heard of, back in school, we were 2 Vanessas in the same class.

I have a strong fear of insects. There was this time where I was watching a documentary about ants, and I remember that I got extremely scared that I had to sleep with all the lights on in my room. and another funny story, I was once at my cousin's house when were younger, and I was going through his books about wild life (animals and insects) and I reached the part about insects, the more I was going through the book the scarier I was getting. *OH MY GOOD GOD* I just fear them.

I'm scared in the dark, I just cannot stay in a dark room all alone. I either have to be with someone, or I just have to have a light somewhere. even if it were a small candle.

I have a passion for cheese. yep, I love cheese. White, yellow, red... as long as its cheese I would eat it. EXCEPT for Roquefort I simple cannot stand it.

PIZZA, PASTA and MUSHROOM SOUP these three types of food are my favorite. And I have this weird habit of ordering the same food in the restaurants I go to, I do not like to change. for example, when it comes to pizzas, it has to be a margarita. when it comes to pasta, either with white sauce or red sauce, and Mushroom soup is the freaking best soup ever *try the one in crepaway you will simply LOVE IT!

Voila, here 10 things you didn't know about me.
I would like to know things about you.
Leave them in the comment section.

Thank you for your continuous support, it always makes me want to write more and do more. I am actually working on few new projects for the blog.
can't wait to share it with you guys. 
Thank you again.

for the Make up I used:

Foundation Elizabeth Arden
Eyebrows Rimmel London
Eyes    Eyeliner YSL - Shocking
           Mascara TooFaced - Better Than Sex


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  1. I'm so happy to have read those ten things about you. I had a sneek pick thanks to your comment on my blog, and I was even more curious to read the entire article.
    Thank you for sharing those ♡

    1. <3 <3 you're back to commenting <3..
      you're the inspiration