[AccordingtoMoi] Pink spring is here

When I was younger I never thought that I'll ever be a feminine person * I was a kind of tombo y*. I liked to wear sporty clothe...

When I was younger I never thought that I'll ever be a feminine person *I was a kind of tomboy*. I liked to wear sporty clothes, a dress or a skirt or even heels were not part of my outfit "plans". Maybe it's because the people I was surrounded by were not into preppy clothes and what goes with it, or maybe because I was young and I thought that this lifestyle is not for me yet. the older I get the classier I become (I believe). Today at 27 (turning 28 in a few months) what I look for in clothes is prettiness, classiness, feminism ... I love heels, handbags, clutches, dresses, skirts, shorts.

Today I come to you with an OutfitOfTtheDday post. I like many things about this outfit. The mixture of colors, the fact that it could be worn on many occasions, Job interviews (maybe you'll change the handbag), Events (openings, exhibitions..), dinner, lunch, outings (drinks with friends...)

In this outfit I mixed 4 main colors, the pastel pink, the grey, the blue jeans and the black. As you all know we are in spring, and colors (fresh or pastels) are always welcome in spring. As a person who likes such colors I thought that they marinate well together.

La simplicité fait la beauté

For this look you could wear a cute ballerine, but I decided to go with black high heels. I wouldn't suggest wedge heels with look because the heavier the heels the bulkier your legs will look (if you have the case of fat legs -I think I do have fat legs)

I went with a black simple clutch. I love big handbag, I could fit a lot of things in it, but it become messy and it annoys you all day. Sometimes we need the little black clutch for the simple necessary items and not everything you own.

For the jewelry I decided to only wear a necklace, but I wore a present necklace. I simply didn't want to wear either earrings, bracelets or rings (except for my engagement ring

Voila this is my first official OOTD post. I hope you'll like it and catch me soon with a new post. And as I always say thank you for your continuous support.

Special Thanks
Tilou Makhoul for the beautiful pictures
Cliff Makhoul for allowing us to annoy him with the photos.
Salon Elie Azar especially Charbel for doing my hair
Splendora Beauty Care for the mani/pedi

What I wore
My old  Topshop Jeans

For the Makeup I wore in this look please check the Dreamy post.

Please leave a little comment and tell me if you liked this look.


Have a happy Easter.

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  1. You don't have fat legs! Amazing post 👍🏻

    1. I know how to hide it 😅😅...
      Thanks babe
      Love you