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Today is  MOTHER'S DAY She conceived you out of love She carried you for 9 months She loved you before meeting you She is t...

She conceived you out of love
She carried you for 9 months
She loved you before meeting you
She is the first person who kissed you with love and passion. 
She is the person who cries when your crying
She is the only person who will be true to you
She is the person who will tell you the truth
She is the person you look up to when you need advice
She is the mother, father, brother, sister and best friend
She is the person you will call when you become a mother yourself
She is the example you give your wife
She is the person you look for in your future wife
She is the person who will help you raise your kids the way she raised you
She is the one you will always laugh with 
She is the only one who is there for you and will never leave
She is and will always be the only person who can stand you for the rest of your life

My mother is my best friend, she's my soulmate, she's the one I lean on the most. My mother is the only person who understands me, whenever I see her photos when she was my age I see myself in her. She is my number one, my leading lady. She is the person I admire the most. She is the example I give myself "One day you'll be just like her". This is not a simple Mother's day post.

This post was supposed be a Q&A post with my mamma, but with everything she has to do and with the overwhelm of work I have I don't have to time to sit with her, so I decided to celebrate my mother by talking about her and giving my point of you about this QUEEN!

Meet Wafaa Makhoul

She was born on April the 25th. She married my paps on July the 10th 1982, and simply they lived happily ever after. My little blond is funny, caring, loving, sweet, "momzilla" when needed, tender, sexy YAAAAS she's SEXAY, she chooses carefully the food she eats, the diet she makes is based on her "idea of healthy", she's a sports addict, she sleeps while watching TV *CUTE*, she has issues with rice cooking -Thank God for the Rice Cooking machine, or else we wouldn't have tasted good rice- She love collecting stuffed dolls and animals *Weird Passion, but special* She's a dancing queen, and a party animal, you cannot take her off the dance floor, heels or no heels. she would dance dance dance. She knows what she wants and what she likes and dresses accordingly. 

We do fight like any normal mother daughter relationship, but the funny part is that once we are on the plane traveling to I don't know where we keep our fights at home, and we have the best of trips, but the moment we come back we can't help it! You can ask her, she would say the same.

My mom has a love story with short hair, she cannot stand it long, she thinks long hair is for men, and short hair is for women, -I do not approve this theory, but whatever, she's the QUEEN- My mother supports me and is always there when I need someone, we have our mother daughter get aways sometimes and we go all teenagers like. She likes my selfies and is always ready for one. 

There is a lot more to say about her, but it will take me forever to write it and no matter how much I speak words are not close to describing her, because she is simply AMAZING and the best.

Happy Mother's day today and everyday mom, may all your wishes come true.
I love you dearly and tremendously.

Forever your little girl.

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