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I'm thankful for my struggle, because without it I wouldn't have stumbled across my strength -Alexandra Elle Photo Taken in Tan...

I'm thankful for my struggle, because without it I wouldn't have stumbled across my strength
-Alexandra Elle
Photo Taken in Tannourine
Over weekend we celebrated my Love's 31st birthday -yes yes he turned 31- and for the first time I believe we did the right thing by escaping to the mountain, to where no one knows us, where we can go all crazy and be happy, see different "cultures". Where we can feel our age and feel like we are using the time to be together and share unforgettable moments. Don't get me wrong, we like to party, drink and have fun, but sometimes having to spend the time enjoying a long ride and the wind and the sound of NOTHING is even better than loud crowded parties.

Sorry for the dirty Toms ... BUT I LIKE THEM
So on Sunday we went all the way to Naas - Bikfaya. This place is a mixture of calm yet a bird loud noisy location, which makes it even more beautiful. The place is simply amazing, the smell of the earth is what we needed to end a beautiful weekend. The location is 26.8 Km far from Beyrouth. Not too high, but perfect for an escape.
The view is extremely relaxing and it calms you.
We got there at around noon and stayed till 5:00. The sunset that day was the best sunset I have ever seen or maybe I was so in love and happy that I thought it was the best?! 
I found a friend, called it Piny
The only person missing that day was Lady Tessie (you all know who's Lady Tessie) She would have loved to be part of this beautiful adventure.
This is the first photo that I share on this blog of my one and only , of the man who owns my heart. of the Hubby to be,
My Love has a problem with photos, he gets annoyed quickly and I have the "Selfies" and the "Wait Wait I see a nice spot for you to be photographed in" issue -poor thing- so I always have to steal the photo without having him see me doing so, or if he knows it has to be really quick.
*I like to call it escape*
In an old post once I spoke about my confidence issues and how I learned to overcome my shyness and how to love myself, I decided that I can be photographed and love the photos I see better than the selfies I take, and now whenever I'm asked to be photographed you see me run and pose and have fun.
But I still love my SELFIES!

To change from the fact that we take our own photos and to give the place we were at more importance and beauty, the friend who was with us took a few photos of us. When we photograph ourselves (known as selfies) we take "beautiful" shots, we can edit the photo and make it look mesmerizing, but at a certain point the photo will end up being cropped, and it doesn't give whats around the glory it deserves. 

And last but not least:

Happiest birthday my love, may all your dreams come true. May you live a thousand years and more, and I only wish you the best. I have never dreamed of a better man to become my husband and to be the father of my children. I want you to know that for me you are the world and that I would do everything it takes to make you happy and satisfied. Cheers to more birthdays and celebrations together.
.I love you dearly.

What I wore:
Black IShirt from Bershka
Over sized jacket from Sport et Loisir
Jeans from Bershka
Toms (shoes)

What he wore:
Grey blouse from Pull and Bear 
(I don't remember the jeans brand =P)
Converse (shoes)

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