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 I want to wish you all a happy new year, may this year be filled with lots of positive moments and happy days. My parents came back f...

 I want to wish you all a happy new year, may this year be filled with lots of positive moments and happy days.
My parents came back from the states few days ago and right before they go I prepared a list of things to buy from Sephora, and now they're back with all these new babies. -yey to moi- In this post I will be writing and reviewing the makeup related things I received.

As you may all know, Sephora is the shop to go to when in need of makeup and feeling all down and depressed. And for a makeup artist and makeup freak whenever I have the chance and the opportunity to buy makeup I either go crazy and buy all the makeup I need or simply order online -even though I'm not a fan of online buying- Anyways. here are the things I got from USA. I will not mention prices, for I do not know the exact prices.

I will start with these beautiful Sephora brushes. These beautiful party like brushes are so soft and they run smoothly on the skin.

Then we have the brand that makes the most beautiful packaging ever. Ladies and Gents I present to you TOO FACED. I believe that this brand makes the most beautiful and the cutest packaging ever. They always have this LovyDovy mood.
How cute is this packaging? Like
seriously, even if it weren't that good, I would buy it and simply place it where every one can see it. 

This one is the "How Deep Is Your Love" blush. The blush is to last for a minimum of 16 hours. This product is pretty pigmented. 
Please note that this a blush and not a contouring powder. DO NOT OVER USE IT! 

The second product from Too Faced is a highlighter. I definitely use highlighters but I'm not the biggest of fans, simply because I don't have a great experience with highlighters, some of them seem to be good and they end up expensive for nothing. And I do believe that highlighter don't suit all type of skin colors.
I have the candlelight highlighter also from TooFaced, and I only use it for big occasions, but when my mom got me this one on her own I was kind of happy because of the reviews I heard about it. This is the PeachBeach from the Sweethearts collection. It is very well pigmented and seems nice when I swatch to see with bare eyes the effect it gives. [Sorry I don't have a picture, but a photo won't do justice]

The last thing I want to show you from the brand TooFaced is a mascara. This mascara was a piece I looked for for ages and wasn't able to find it anywhere. 
It's the "Better than sex" mascara from TooFaced. I literally looked for this one wherever I went, in all of the UAE's sephoras and couldn't find it, and I couldn't keep this misadventure to myself and ended up posting it on social media and when my cousin saw that I was desperate she GOT IT FOR ME -yey for great cousins-
The packaging is very light pastel pink. and I like the size of the brush/applicator, It fills the whole lash.

Foundations Time. All makeup brands made the weightless foundation. I already have the Urban Decay one, and I decided to buy the one from NARS. I already have a foundation from NARS that I LOVE DEARLY but the problem is that it's just a bottle without a pump on top and it was hell for me to use it because either I put a lot or I barely put and when I want to have a little more I end up dropping A LOT!! And I even broke it! And then tarararuuum they came up with a foundation with a pump and I decided to buy not one but THREE!!!!! I got PUNJAB, SANTA FE and FIJI.

This is Fiji. It suits all Caucasian skins [Lebanese skins if I may say]. This is how I noticed when I tried it. It is really is weightless and it feels like you are not wearing anything on your face. 
On another hand, ladies CACKY FACES are so old fashioned and they actually never were beautiful, so let it stay in 2015, THANK YOU. 

The size of the foundation is perfect and can be put in your makeup bag, and be sure that if you are travelling nothing is to fall out of it.

For me contouring is a serious matter and it is mandatory for a face to be contoured and well designed. But always remember not to over do things on your face or else you will look scary and also remember you ain't no Kardashian and no camera is following you all day.
From the top: Vanilla, Banana, Sand, Java, Fawn and Havana

Here's the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit. It has 6  shades for all skin colors. The good thing about it that when the product is done you can replace it with a new one. and I believe that any brand size would fit.

The perfect travel kit is here.
This is the "Naked on the run" Palette from Urban Decay. With it's size and content you surely won't need anything else in your makeup bag.
I think that we do not need more than that if we are travelling for a week or less.

The palette has 1 mascara, 1 eyeliner, 1 lip gloss, 5 eyes shadows, two blushes [one to be used for contouring, and the other as a normal blusher] and a highlighter.

Here are closer pictures of the two essentials in this palette. I love the color of the lipstick. Such a calm color.

The last two things I want to show you are beauty related but nothing to do with makeup.
I will start with Lush, My cousin got me two LUSH Bath Bombs. And I cannot wait to use them.

It's a circular very christmassy twilight scented bath bomb. The smell is simply gorgeous and the colors are so beautiful. I can imagine how it goes when these are used to relax.
The other one is the "Golden Wonder" and I'm wondering how it feels to use it.

The last thing to share with you is a perfume. This is my current perfume and I'm so in love with it that I've asked for a new bottle. The thing is that I'm a huge perfume consumer, and until this day I didn't learn that when you wear a perfume and you don't smell it anymore on yourself means that it suits you, nop and I think I don't want to learn that because, after 27 years of using perfume [less but it's the idea that counts] I still use perfume 4 times a day, and a perfume never lasts for more than 2 months NEVER!!!!!
I am currently using the Estée Lauder Modern Muse collection - Chic. I simply love the smell of this perfume and the shape it has a bow [I think you all know my addiction to bows and my tattoo so yeah]

Here are the beauty products I received from the states, I hope you liked them and I would love it if you would suggest new products for me to try.

Have a wonderful day and catch you soon with a new post.!


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  1. Oh my god, this haul is absolute perfection. I want everything !!
    The contour kit is on my wishlist for ages :)

    1. I was in makeup heaven when my parents started giving me the things they got me, I WAS LIKE YEEEEYYYYY [screaming like a crazy woman at night haha].
      For the Anastasia contour kit I had the impression that it was bigger but in fact it's kind of small. but it does a perfect job. so yey for beautiful items :D :D