[AccordingToMoi] The Face Savers.

Catrice, Urban Decay, Elizabeth Arden, NARS, Rimmel The FACE SAVERS. Today I come to you with a post that I believe is really import...

Catrice, Urban Decay, Elizabeth Arden, NARS, Rimmel
Today I come to you with a post that I believe is really important to every girl's make up routine and skin perfection. Today I will talk about foundations. During summer I avoid using foundations because tanning does the job [of course that is according to moi]. But in Fall, Winter and Spring when my tan is gone and when my face is white as snow I use the help of foundations before doing my contouring. The 5 magic makers varies between low budget and high end brands.

Rimmel BB Cream, Catrice, Elizabeth Arden, Urban Decay, Nars.
For the past months I tried a few brands but loved only 5. These 5 foundations gave me exactly the result I was looking for.

This is a new brand of make up I discovered lately [Thanks to my Boss].
Catrice is a brand I found in a shop called InTouch. In Jounieh-Lebanon. This foundation does the job perfectly. This product is a 3 in one, in other terms this foundation is a primer, a foundation and a color corrector. So when you use it you don't need to use a primer before. This foundation is not sticky so you do not need to use a finishing powder to "dry" the final result. At first the product is white [the primer], then while spreading the product becomes the foundation.
For this little piece of heaven I paid 11 000 L.L. [More or less, I got few other items and I don't recall its exact price, but it doesn't exceed 14 000 L.L.]

Rimmel gave the BB cream a try and believe me they created perfection. This product gives your skin a perfect correction. Hides what needs to be hidden and it blends perfectly. Some people like to use their hands while putting foundation, others like to use a brush and others work with a sponge, this foundation can be used how ever you are used to putting your foundation - But of course I believe that the best way to put foundation is by using a brush and then a sponge-. As I said before this BB cream corrects all the small imperfections. And when you use it be sure that your face is safe from the sun rays.
This product is found in any supermarket, in BHV-Lebanon, in centerpoint, in ABC [Rimmel stand], and in pharmacies. 

Now we stick to foundations that are a bit more expensive, and these are found in specific stores.

Urban Decay - Naked Skin Foundation is simply AMAZING!!!!! This foundation is so easy to blend, and its too light and does give a perfect glow to your face. It's liquid and a small quantity spreads amazingly. I suggest this foundation to people that do not have an oily skin. Dry to normal skins would enjoy this foundation more. - This product is found in any Sephora store and online.

NARS - Sheer Glow. I love the texture of this product, but what bothers me the most is the bottle. it doesn't come with a pump and you end up either putting too much or not enough. Other than that this foundation is thick enough to hide the small imperfections of the skin and gives a beautiful glow. After using the product your face will give the impression that you slept enough.
As well this product is found in all Sephora shop and online.

I KEPT THE BEST FOR LAST. Elizabeth Arden - Flawless [Natural #5] 
I am IN LOVE with the one. I have never used a better foundation. In french we say Je l'aime d'amour, in other terms I love it deeply and profoundly.
This foundation hides, gives a glow, makes your face look really rested, spreads perfectly, is not sticky at all, lasts all day, no matter how many times you touch your face it stays in place, could be used on both mature and young skins. I also suggest this product for none oily skins or else it will double the shine and glow of the skin. 
This product is found in ABC for 57 000 L.L. and it is worth every penny paid.

Here are my favorite foundations lately, trust me once you start using one of these you will totally fall in love with it and you will forget about other over expensive products. You might also get to a point where you buy a minimum of two to avoid wanting to buy more and finding out they don't have it anymore [yeah that happened to me]. 

Have a wonderful day/night. And I will be catching you soon with a new post.
Much love sent your way.


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