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With fall right around the corner, warm colors are back. And most of the people who knows me know that I am pretty in love with dark an...

With fall right around the corner, warm colors are back. And most of the people who knows me know that I am pretty in love with dark and warm colors. It is known that it's either a strong game on the eyes, or on the lips, NEVER both. In Fall I way prefer to have a strong lipstick than strong dark eyes on the contrary of Summer or spring where I like to have light lipsticks and more strong cat eyes. 

In this post I will be telling you about 3 lipsticks I got and other few stuff, enjoy.

Lets begin with the lipsticks collection and lipliners I got. The brands are [Dali, Rimmel and Samoa]

Here's the miniature LOTUS collection from Samoa. If you've never heard of this brand, you can find it in ABC Ashrafie and Dbaye, Metro Mall and in some supermarkets. They made this collection not so long ago and it's the cutest, the size is small, but the quantity is similar to normal sized lipstick. I've been using it ever since I got it. This baby is for lets say 5000 L.L. more or less.
I always had a bad experience with this brand. By that I mean every time I buy a lipstick from the Rimmel - Kate Moss Collection Its always ruined, and this time as well, but I love the color and I believe it's suits my skin color. So I gave it a shot this time, And here I go I open the lipstick and it's ruined! -What did I do to be cursed with this brand- But I decided to keep it and over use it this time. And the next time I buy one of their lipsticks I'll let you know what will happen after I open it. This one costs 12$. 

Last but not least;

I've never really used this brand, it's a Lebanese brand as well, and really really really easy on the budget.[4000L.L for the lipstick] And other than that the texture of the lipstick is not bad at all, it's a dupe for M.A.C.
The color is more like a nude or a very light purpulish pink to
a bois de rose like color.

Oh Hello There. 
What is a lipstick without a lip liner. Really I believe the lip liner give a long lasting effect to the lipstick.
I got myself two lip liners, the colors are pretty similar, but let me say that one is a waterproof lip liner and the other is a simple lip liner. With the one I already own I now have 3 lip liner for dark lipsticks.

Now the last things I got are the miniature brow gel and mascara AND LET ME JUST SAY SIZE WISE AND RESULT -UGH- AMAZING.

The packaging is the cutest, with the lotus drawn on the miniature mascara and brow gel. I'm happy I found a replacement to my old Too-Faced Brow Gel. The only difference between the two is that the Too-faced had a little color, on the contrary of the Samoa that is transparent. Each one is for 5000 L.L. What more could you ask for a girl to be happy.

This is it for today's post, and I'm sorry for not being present a lot lately, but I promise that I will be writing more often and kindly on a regular basis. 
Much love sent your way.

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Cheers and catch you soon with a new post.


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