[AccordingToMoi] Budget Makeup + two CDCs. *Yey*

Well hello you guys.  How have you been?! Well a lot of new things are happening lately.  This photo [yellow dress] took A LOT of ...

Well hello you guys. 
How have you been?! Well a lot of new things are happening lately. 
This photo [yellow dress] took A LOT of success when I uploaded on the blog's Facebook page. And one more update YEAH I AM BACK TO BROWN!!!!

Today I come with a double post, which means that I will be writing a post in which I will include my Coup De Coeur. Hope you will like this post.

Every now and then a new makeup brand comes to life, and we [girls] get lost more and more. I am not sure if it's the packaging that attracts us or the product itself, or the fact that we heard about  or tried the brand and we think that the product is worth it.

In this post I will introduce you to few product that are not close to being expensive and that may be a dupe for high en brands.

Let me start with the eye shadow palette from Maybelline. The colors of this palette are similar to the Urban Decay 2 ones. the colors are pretty pigmented, and they last for a long time. This palette is for 26 000 L.L.

In Lebanon NYX is considered to be a drugstore brand. What I love about this brand is the fact that it gives me same result as any product from mac [not all the products of course, but some for sure]. For example this Matte Bronzer is perfection. It blends perfectly. I don't really recall for how much I bought it because I got it when I got lots of other items, but I think it's not more than 29 000 L.L.

For a Khol this one last for a long period of time, and it's really dark/black, and this is what I love about it. The only negative thing about a khol liner (not necessarily this one, but all khol liners) is that once you sharpen it and use it for one eye, you will need to re-sharpen it again for the other eye. but this one really good and it comes in handy.

The first COUP DE COEUR in this post is this mascara. BOURJOIS MADE THE BEST MASCARA EVER. I am in love with it. I totally dig this mascara. Forget fake lashes with this one. and this mascara came with the Khol Liner mentioned before, this mascara. you will have THICK and FULL lashes. -TOTALLY WORTH THE SMALL BUDGET!-  This mascara gives a dramatic look.

These cute little brushes are my second CDC. I got these from center point - City mall for approximately 30 000. These brushes are so soft and beautiful. When I got those I found 3 sets; the red, the white and the blue. And each set has 6 different brushes.

Hope that you enjoyed my post, and that it gave you an idea about what to get when you need to buy makeup but don't feel like paying half your salary. 


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