[AccordingToMoi] Music and me.

Jim Morrison once said "Music is your only friend until the end" Today's post has nothing to do with make up, or fashion...

Jim Morrison once said "Music is your only friend until the end"
Today's post has nothing to do with make up, or fashion. Today I'm writing about a passion I had since I was young and that I worked on when I grew up. MUSIC taught me how to become more confident [in a way or another]. 

When I was young, I used to grab my brush and place my dummies on the floor [for me they were my crowd - FANS] and I would lipsync or even sing without music and I would imagine myself performing live on a stage and where everyone is calling my name and you know being famous. And that concert I used to create in my mind would last for HOURS!!!! My father would come to my door and starts knocking on it for me to stop! 

One day when I reached the age of 16 or something, my brother asked me to sing along while he was practicing a song and I remember that we also went to a studio that was used as a local for bands to practice, and we "practiced" there and the first comment I received [and until today I swear by it] was from the owner of the studio, and he told me that the most important thing to do when someone sings is that one should not copy the person he/she is covering, he/she should find his/her own voice. Since the day I sang on a microphone in that room, I knew that someday I'll have my own band and that music will take a big part in my life. BUT back then I had a huge issue, I WAS SHY AS HELL and I couldn't see myself on a stage and having people looking at me, until the day where my friend OBLIGED ME TO GO ON STAGE AND COVER ONE SONG AND ONE SONG ONLY. And this happened frequently, then another friend did the same thing and go on. Then I met the guy who changed every single thing in my life, from my way of seeing things, to the way I think, everything I swear. That man is no one else but the love of my life, the man I'm going to marry. With him I started my first band, with him I did my first concert, [it wasn't a full house but it was such a pleasure to perform next to him] our band is an acoustic project, in which we cover bands such as The Doors, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and such music icons. Honestly without him I wouldn't have had the courage to sing live and for more than one song. He made me believe in myself and the strength to take this step. 

On another level, what music have given me is something major. When we hear a certain song we feel things; if we're mad we'll react to the song in a way, if we're happy in another. Music makes you feel things you might not be able to feel on a daily basis without the help of a melody perhaps or specific lyrics. Yeah music do make you fall in love with someone and it can easily make you break up. Music gives you power, it gives you strength. It shows you sides of life you can't experience where you are. Music takes a huge part in our lives. You need music in your everyday life, when you go jogging, when you're on your way to work, when you are partying, on your wedding day, even during a funeral music is present. 

2011 -  Cheers Brumana, alongside my fiancé
2011 -  Livics Kaslik, alongside my fiancé
2012 - Sangria Mar Mekhayel, Alongside my fiancé
2013 -  Cheers Brumana, alongside my fiancé
2014 -  Cheers Brumana, alongside my fiancé
[we got interviewed on that day by a good friend for a tv show]
2014 -  Cheers Brumana, alongside my fiancé
2014 -  Cheers Brumana, alongside my fiancé
2014 - Christmas Mission [Alongside my borther]
2014 - Christmas Mission [Alongside my borther]
2015 - Cheers Brumana alongside the legendary Gus Farah
I liked to share with you my small thoughts on the matter, and share with you my experience and show you that everyone's dream would come true on one condition and that condition is to never loose hope and always work on achieving what you mostly love. Have yourself a happy Monday, and keep dreaming and achieving.

Lots of love sent your way.



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