[AccordingToMoi] Confidence.

With time you learn to accept yourself the way you are with all your flaws. LOVE yourself always.  We all go through days where we ca...

With time you learn to accept yourself the way you are with all your flaws.
LOVE yourself always. 
We all go through days where we can't stand ourselves, where we feel that we could hurt people with our words and it is when we try to avoid them in order to avoid hurting their feelings. Back in the days I used to hate the way I looked, how I dressed, How I used to speak, feel and act. But few years ago, exactly when I met my hubby to be, everything changed. I became more confident about myself, and about how I think and act. He taught me to love myself and accept my flaws. Everyone of us has bad habits, and we should learn to accept them and we should also learn to love ourselves the way only a mother could love. With my love I learned that once you have someone in your life that trully loves you and cares for you, your own vision of life will become better and you will be a happier person. Whenever he tells you your beautiful, you automatically smile and your whole day will change. Remember to always be happy and always forget the negativity that surrounds you, because there will always be someone who tries to pull you down and to "break" you, but with your positivity and your happy thoughts you won't allow it.

Today I am sharing with you a photoshoot I did with Hsein Kazma, a young talented photographer. It started as a fun shoot -I went with my friend to do her makeup- and I ended being photographed -The photographer Photographed-. Weirdly being in front of the camera scares me a bit unless I am photographing myself [Autoportrait]. Why you ask yourself, well simply because I do not like to look straight in the lens, and I believe I look stupid when I pose. 

As some of you may know by now, black and white photography for is something major, it shows more expressions than colored ones, it makes you think about the image you are looking at, it also makes you wonder what color you are seeing. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be catching you with a new post very soon.
Have a beautiful day.

What I'm wearing:
- Blouse: H&M
- Jeans: Bershka
- Ballerine: Pull and Bear


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  1. Those pictures are beautiful ! You look gorgeous on every each of them <3
    And your words about confidence are true. It's so important and so hard to let in too. I wish I will meet someone who would help me for this, like you have in your Life. Lucky you :)


    1. Thank you darling <3. La confience en soi est une chose qui s'apprend avec le temps, avoir une personne dans sa vie aide a avoir confience en soi, mais en aucun cas indispensable. You will meet someone who will be up to your standars and who will make you feel like a princess.
      Much much love <3