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hi. All the people I know have a thing against Mondays, but I love it actually, yes I'm weird . Mondays for me are like any ...


All the people I know have a thing against Mondays, but I love it actually, yes I'm weird. Mondays for me are like any other day; actually if your Monday goes well, means your whole week will go as such, when on another hand if your Monday "sucks" you will hate every other single day. It is a "blessing" to be a person who doesn't mind waking up at 5h40 AM to go to work on Monday and actually be happy about it. I'm writing this post today to help you love your Monday and live it as if it's FRIDAY.
This is how it goes:
1- Sleep on Sunday thinking about all the beautiful things you will get to see in the morning.
2- Wake up on Monday at a "reasonable" hour, make yourself a huge bowl of coffee/tea and walk yourself to the balcony and enjoy your coffee/tea, and for the smokers you can definitely light your cigarette and enjoy the view and sounds. You could surf your Social Media accounts and/or listen to music while doing so.
3- After the delicious coffee you drank, it is time for your feminine moments. Go to bathroom. First of all start by showering, then clean your face, brush your teeth, and then comes makeup time. Moisturize your face and lips, and then do your makeup (the way you like it/do it frequently).
4- Once your makeup is done, you should start with your hair, a cute pony tail or "messy" bun would make you feel happy about yourself -that's how I feel when I do my hair that way-.
5- Time to choose your outfit. What I do is that I choose what I first lay eyes on. (I don't like to choose my outfits a day before). And I always tend to wear comfy shoes on Mondays.
6- When everything related to your preparations is "over", you should get in your car and what you should do at first is put the radio on station you like to listen to the most - I would listen to LightFM, Tanguy makes me laugh in the early morning- and after that drive.
7- Once you get to work (or university or anywhere you're at on this fine Monday morning), always remember to smile, because once you smile and the person with you in the office or someone who's talking to you sees you smiling, he/she will automatically be smiling right back at you [trust me on that].
8- During lunch try to eat something you craved for a while and enjoy it to the max. Avoid sitting on your own, have lunch with people you know or your colleagues.
9- During your working hours try to have fun at work and avoid stressing out, because it will bring you down and all of your "morning" efforts will go to waste.
10- It's 5:00 or 6:00 PM, the working hours are done, and it is time for you to go home. It's either you go straight home or you go to the nearest Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts and grab yourself a LARGE cup of latte or Frappuccino, and after that go back home. And for those who are in a relationship, before going home, go give your fiancĂ© or boyfriend a huge hug and shower them with kisses, and after spending some time with them, go home.
11- Once you get home and make sure you ain't going back out, jump into your onesie or most relaxing pajamas you have and make yourself a delicious cheese sandwich with cornichons and the tastiest fresh orange juice.
12- Don't bother looking for something nice on TV; enjoy watching a DVD according to the mood you’re in.
13- Last but not least, get to bed and have a great night sleep, wake up and do it all over again.
Hope you enjoyed this post. I will be catching you soon with a new post.
Have a happy day.

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