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.Hey-yow. I've  been blogging for a while now and I try my best to write about things that will interest my “Readers”, and I try t...


I've been blogging for a while now and I try my best to write about things that will interest my “Readers”, and I try to avoid writing about things that has been mentioned a lot before. Lately I've been reading a lot of posts in which the blogger recommends places to the readers, and I thought to myself that this would be a great idea to share my favorite places with you. I decided to write this post once a month, because I always find new places that I enjoy and it would be a nice thing to introduce you to these paces and to share with you my experience there, and maybe encourage you to try them.

1 - Splendora and Elie Azar hair designer:
Zouk- next to the Playboy Amusement Center.
(all the details are on Facebook)

This is the place where you are treated like a queen/princess. I've been going there for the past 6 years now, and I have never been unsatisfied of the service. There’s no way on earth that a week passes without having me going there at least once (unless I’m out of the country then the day after I get back you will find me in Splendora). I always feel like I’m at home when I’m there.

2-Olio and Soto:
Gemayzeh, Hamra, Le Mall Dbaye and Sin el Fil
(all the details are on Facebook)

Are you a sushi and Italian food freak? Then these restaurants are the place for you. The prices are really affordable and you have a wide variety of choices. The ambiance is simply perfect and the service is always on point. The staff is very friendly.

3-Lime - Bar:
Monot [DownTown]
(all the details are on Facebook)

I love my wine pink and cold, no matter what season we’re in. I enjoy my drink in an oldies ambiance with maybe a nice dish on the side. Whenever I want to have a drink you will find me there. What I like about lime is the fact that for once you find yourself in a pub where the music is really supportable for more than 1 hour, and where you could listen to each other while talking.

Jounieh, Hamra, Verdun
(all the details are on Facebook)

Whenever I feel the need to chill and relax, I go to costa. I love it there, plus they make the best latte and machiato in town. It’s true that the view from the outdoors of Costa is towards the road, but this is not an issue in any possible way.

5-Le Mall:
The one in Dbaye
(all the details are on Facebook)

I am a person who enjoys going to malls; I love it there, especially in winter. Even though the term shopping is not my best friend, because when I want to buy something I tend to look for what I need and don’t care about the rest. So my favorite mall is the Le Mall in Dbaye because it has all the stores I usually buy from and most of the restaurants I like to eat at and a cinema. On the contrary of other malls in which you find some places you like and stuff.

So yeah, basically these are my top 5 places for this month, next month I will write another “recommended” post. Hope you enjoyed this post and I will be catching you with a new one very soon.


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  1. This post is so brilliant ! This is why i love your blog so much, it's so original. Thank you for all those awesome discoveries !