[AccordingToMoi] Le HAUL!!

Hello hello, Finally it has landed. I am sorry for taking so much time to write it down, but as I have stated in a previous post, I had no ...

Hello hello, Finally it has landed. I am sorry for taking so much time to write it down, but as I have stated in a previous post, I had no time. Let's begin.

I will start with everything related to makeup/beauty:

Benefit's brows palette. This palette is used for brow drawing. Some people (like myself) don't like to use a pen to draw their eyebrows.

After drawing my brows, I like to fix them with a transparent gel, in order not to have to draw them every now and then.

I LOVE PRIMERS. A primer unifies the color of your skin. Plus look at how cute the packaging looks.

You don't sleep much? you wake up with the eyes of a panda? NO WORRIES, Puff off is here to make you look normal. And believe me it works.

The best mascara I have ever used, way better than the MUFE mascara. Your Lashes look real and long.

I officially have all of the Naked Palettes and am so happy about it. The colors are so pigmented and they last for a long time.

LOOK AT THIS FREAKING CUTE PACKAGING. Come on?! Whether you like the product or not, just buy it for how it is presented to you!! -Just kidding- The finishing compressed powder is really good and nice, and it does not leave marks on your face once the liquid foundation is dry.

I got myself 2 sorts of Foundations. The Sheer glow from Nars and The Naked Weightless ultra definition Liquid Foundation from Urban Decay. OH MY GOD! I would say they are both very similar to the HD foundation from Make up for ever. The only problem with the NARS foundation is that it doesn't have a "doser". but other than that it is just perfect.

Too faced make the most feminine and cutest packages ever. This highlighter duo is amazing. Once you put it on, the whole makeup changes (in a nice way of course), which reminds me, no matter what highlighter you are using, do not over use it, you might not see it at first sight but highlighters are usually over pigmented and they just makes your face shiny and full of glow. and don't forget, highlighters have specific places to be put on, not on all of the face.

The Radiant Creamy Concealer is great with dark circles, and hides all sort of pimples. simply a Great coverage concealer. 

Apparently SEPHORA is known for making "baby" items, if I could say. Like this Sens'eyes from MUFE, you all know the Normal sized one, but no Sephora has to do it differently and make them in a smaller size. 
 I love LUSH lipsticks, and I LOVE dark colors. The perfect combination.

I got myself a bunch of the Real Techniques brushes. The easiest brushes to use. 
[I will be writing a post about them alone, later on the blog]

 The transparent lip liner, is a girl's must have. For those who don't like a strong lip contour, and feel the need to draw a line right before putting their lipstick Rimmel created the solution for them.

Non beauty items:

I have always been a huge fan of the Black XS fragrance.

This body lotion from The Body Shop is right from heaven. The smell is perfect plus the name is unique "The Forbidden Flower".

Simply my cute shiny TOMS.

When you find the sunglasses you wanted for a while way cheaper than the country you come from you simply buy them. In Lebanon you find them for 550 000 L.L. which is equal to 366.66$ and in Abu Dhabi I found them for 180$, So of course I will get them from AD and not Lebanon. 


This year huge necklaces are so in. These necklaces are from Promod, H&M, and Forever 21

Last but not least, I got myself a new phone cover. 

Here's what I got from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I hope you enjoyed my post. -I also got myself clothes of course, but due to the fact that I wore them I couldn't take their photos ^^- I will be catching you with a new post soon. until then have a happy day. Lots of Love sent your way.


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  1. Great haul ! I love your article.
    You bought everything I wanted for brow from Benefit, I'm so jalous :)

    Love <3

    1. Hello Hello, sorry for the late reply(<3) Oh well I had to travel all the way there to get them and I really am enjoying their use.
      Much Much love.