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It's time for a TAG. I know I've done it not so long ago, but I thought to myself, "you ( moi ) are travelling in a few days, ...

It's time for a TAG. I know I've done it not so long ago, but I thought to myself, "you (moi) are travelling in a few days, and not to bore people much with routines, advises and stuff maybe you could do a tag, a fun one at least and that's a way for them to know you better. Plus I love tags, I like to watch them on YouTube and read them on Blogs, so let's Begin:

THE 100 QUESTION NO ONE DARES ASK (These questions are originally in french)

   1 - Do you sleep with you door open or shut?
Shut, because I usually need to have the lights and TV on or else I don't sleep, and on the other hand if I don't shut my door Tessie will be loose in the house and whenever she hears a noise she starts barking (this is a new habit)

   2 - Do you take Shampoo and Shower gels from the Hotels you visit?

   3 - Do you sleep in a lined bed or not really?
A lined bed of course. thanks to Marie José of course because if it came to me I wouldn't do it (unless I'm in a good mood) ... *not good right?

   4 - Have you ever stolen a street sign?
Hah! nope never.

   5 - Do you use Post-its?
Nope not really. Sometimes I do if I need to remind myself of something, but not often, phones are here for a reason no?

   6 - Do you cut Coupons and end up not using them?
No I don't like to use these things, plus coupons are not frequent in Lebanon.

   7 - Would you rather be attacked by a HUGE bear or a bee ARMY?
I'm not sure, but I would totally enjoy being attacked by a HUGE bear, the death will be quick, when on the other hand if a bee army attacks you, you won't die, just be in pain for a while.

   8 - Do you have freckles?
Yep, not  a big fan of 'em though.

   9 - Do you smile on your photos?
Not always no, because when I smile I look dumb.

  10 - What was your biggest whim?
 I don't remember.

  11 - Do you count your steps?
Even though I look at my feet while walking but no.

  12 - Have you ever done your little commission needs in the forest?
Maybe when I was young or something!

  13 - And the biggest?
That for sure NO!

  14 - Do you dance even without music?

  15 - Do you chew your pens?
When I was younger I used to do that a lot, but now I stopped. Plus I don't use pens that much anymore.

  16 - With how many people have you slept this week?
I sleep alone.

  17 - How big is you bed?
It fits on person, so not sure.

  18 - What is the song you are stuck on for this week?
None actually, usually I have a lot of songs I keep in head. *Weird.

  19 - Do you wear pink?
On Wednesdays. Just kidding. I have pink items, but more like pale and pastel pinks.

  20 - Do you still watch cartoons?
YES! and I am very happy about it.

  21 - What was the last movie you watched and enjoyed?
I would say the Hobbit. I LOVED IT!

  22 - Where would you hide your treasure if you had one?
I surely won't tell you!

  23 - What do you drink when you eat?
Iced tea peach or Pepsi

  24 - With what sauce do you dip your nuggets?
I don't eat nuggets, I hate nuggets and I despise nuggets.

  25 - What's your favorite dish?
Is it okay to say I have a bunch of favorite dishes and not answer this question?

  26 - What film can you watch over and over and over again?
Without any doubt HARRY POTTER!

  27 - The last person you kissed?

  28 - Where you with the scouts?
No, not a fan,

  29 - Would you pose naked for a well known magazine?

  30 - When was the last time you wrote a letter?
I had this course 3 years ago at uni in which the teacher made us write a letter to our 40 year old self in which we talk to ourselves, something like that, so yeah. 3 years ago.

  31 - Do you know how to put gas in your car?
No, because in Lebanon you have someone for that purpose.

  32 - Have you ever gotten a speed ticket?

  33 - Ever had a car fuel failure?

  34 - Favorite sandwich?
Melted cheese. *Yum

  35 - Favorite breakfast?

  36 - Usually at what time do you sleep?
Not before 2h or 3h AM

  37 - Are you lazy?

  38 - What was your Halloween costume when you were a child?
I don't remember

  39 - What's your Chinese astrological sign?

  40 - How many languages do you speak?
Arabic, French, English, and few words in Chinese.

  41 - Are you subscribe to a magazine?

  42 - Lego or Domino?

  43 - Are you stubborn?

  44 - Have you ever watched series "a L'eau de rose"?
If you consider "Sex and the City", "Desperate house wives" and such series to be into this category then yes.

  45 - Are you afraid of heights?
No, not really!

  46 - Do you sing in your car?
I'm a singer, so OF COURSE I sing in my car.

  47 - And in the shower?
Everywhere. yes yes.

  48 - Do you dance in your car?
If the music is catchy yes.

  49 - Ever used a gun?

  50 - The last time you were photographed by a photographer?
Does it count if I shoot myself, since I'm a photographer?

  51 - Do you like musical comedies?
Not really my thing

  52 - Is Christmas stressful for you?
If I'm working no, but if I'm jobless yes kinda.

  53 - Have you ever eaten a Pierogi?
What is this?

  54 - Favorite fruit pie?

  55 - What was your dream job when you were a child?
Teacher and Doctor of course.

  56 - Do you believe in the presence of spirits?

  57 - Do you have Déja-vu?
Who doesn't?

  58 - Do you take vitamins?
Not really

  59 - Do you wear slippers?

  60 - Bathrobes?
Of course

  61 - What do you wear to sleep?

  62 - First Album?
It was a gift from my brother, a Robert Plant and Jimmy Page album, No Quarter.

  63 - Favorite supermarket?
Carrefour for the prices, and Charcutier Aoun

  64 - Nike or Adidas?
Not a fan of  any actually.

  65 - Burger or Pizza?

  66 - A field full of sunflowers or poppies?

  67 - Ever heard of the group "Tres Bien"?
Excuse me, Who?

  68 - Ever took Dancing courses?
Yes when I was younger

  69 - What job do you see your future husband do?
Whatever makes him happy.

  70 - Can you do weird shapes with your tongue?
That twist everyone does, but that's it.

  71 - Have you ever won a cup?
When I was young yes.

  72 - Ever cried of joy?

  73 - Do you have Vinyls?

  74 - Do you own a turntable?
Yes, a new one though

  75 - Do you burn incense?
Yes, and candles too.

  76 - Who would like to see in concert?
Bob Dylan, David Bowie and Coldplay

  77 - The last album you bought?
No idea

  78 - Hot or Ice tea?

  79 - Tea or Coffee?

  80 - With sugar or small cakes?

  81 - Do you know how to swim?
I know.

  82 - Can you hold your breath without closing your nose?

  83 - Are you Patient?
When I believe in X thing yes, if I see that it leads nowhere, no I'm not.

  84 - Deejay or a band for a wedding?
And why not both?

  85 - Ever won a contest?
I ain't that lucky.

  86 - Have you ever done a cosmetic surgery?

  87 - Black or Green olives?
None, I hate olives

  88 - Do you knit?
I used to when I was younger, my granny taught me.

  89 - Best place for a chimney?
Living room I guess

  90 - Do you want to get married?
Of course. *Soon to be Mrs Ghantous and Loving it <3

  91 - If you were married, for how long?
Not yet, soon to be darling.

  92 -  Even been in love?

  93 - Ever had a hard breakup?
These are the relationships and breakups that make you who you are today.

  94 - Do you cry when you're mad or keep everything to yourself?
I cry very easily, but I also keep things to myself

  95 - Do you have kids?
For me my dog is family, so yeah I have a kid, but really human kids no.

  96 - Do you want kids?
Hell yeah

  97 - What's your favorite color
Green and Co.

  98 - Do you miss anyone right now?

  99 - Do you watch Koh Lanta? 
No, it bores me,

 100 - Why did you do this tag?
I have no idea. I love tags, so I gave this one a shot.

I hope you enjoyed reading this long Tag. If you feel like doing it you are free to do it, and Have fun.



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