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Two posts a day is not a bad idea. Live at Livic's Kaslik (Lebanon) in 2011 As some may know, I am a singer and I formed a...

Two posts a day is not a bad idea.

Live at Livic's Kaslik (Lebanon) in 2011

As some may know, I am a singer and I formed a band with my FiancĂ©, We go under the name of The Sunflowerseeds, We are an Acoustic band, and we started performing in 2010, but due to work and such things we kind of took a break from this hobby, but I just couldn't stop singing and sharing my passion with the "whole world" So I started filming my own homemade videos as I like to call them. I film them with whatever I have in hand either my phone or my Canon G9, as long as the sound is good I'm fine.
So here are a bunch of Videos I have on my YouTube channel. I cover songs I love, I mainly cover Bob Dylan because I am a HUGE fan. This man is just my idol, and it's a dream to see him live in concert and in person. But of course I cover other bands.
Enjoy and I would love it if you could suggest songs you would like me to cover [I know this blog is about beauty, but also about me and my "talent"] The videos are not placed in the order they have been uploaded in.

The first video is a Bob Dylan cover of course. I am covering Blowing In The Wind.

Another Bob Dylan song that goes under the name of One More Cup Of Coffee.

Knocking on Heaven's door (Bob Dylan version) is one of my favorite songs ever, I have been singing this song {with my band and other bands} for a while now, you can say I'm known for it. Some may think it's a cliche, but come on who can deny that it's such a beautiful song. And when you sing it your own way it becomes even more beautiful.

Have You Ever Seen The Rain - Creedence Clearwater Revival. 

And to end it all one of our Live coverage songs.
I just love this song (Alcoholic - Starsailor), It's one of the first songs we performed together. It's an old video.

Please note that there are other videos up on the Channel, Look for Vaneliassa Makhoul on YouTube, and click on my channel, You can subscribe and that would be great and you can have fun watching my videos and listening to my music. And also excuse the quality of the videos I don't own a professional material to film so again I am using whatever I have in hands to film (my phone or a G9). Enjoy and See you soon.


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