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20 minutes before reaching Abu Dhabi I must admit it, whenever I plan a trip something happens. I have no idea why. This trip made me ...

20 minutes before reaching Abu Dhabi
I must admit it, whenever I plan a trip something happens. I have no idea why. This trip made me reach stages of craziness I didn't know I could reach.

Let me start with my visa issues, back in the days the visa to the UAE used to be issued in less than 24 hours, this year it took them 5 days to give us the visa, plus mine was issued 3 hours before my mother's. [we were supposed to travel on the 5th, and we traveled on the 10th at night]  Fine, with this being done, my dad automatically got us our tickets and we traveled on the same day. Thank God that we packed our things 3 days in advance, because I was over excited to travel {not because I love Dubai or Abu Dhabi, it's more because there are things I needed to buy and that I can't find in Beirut}. 
Anyways, we're at the airport now, everything's fine, we are having a coffee (at 12 h AM), in order to stay focused on everything that's happening, and we're taking some pictures and having fun. We board on the plane, and after 2 and a half hours of flying, the adventure begins. We reach Abu Dhabi in less that 40 minutes, and this is when some sort of insane human being decides to go all crazy and start screaming and swearing and praying and this is the moment I thought I was going to DIE! You are free to think whatever you want, but I swear to God I saw my life pass before my eyes. If you look at my mother's hand you could clearly see my nails engraved in the palms of her hand. What is funny about this situation is that at the end they had to tie the man up in order to have peace, but this did not stop him from talking. What actually scared me the most was the moment I saw the hostesses getting back from the man, this is when I thought to myself that I'm gonna die soon. 
Bref, we got to Abu Dhabi and left the airport around 1 hour later, we grab a taxi and go directly to my uncle's house, where someone was waiting for us, and where I felt "safe" if I can say that.
half of the view from my uncle's house
The moment we felt ready we hit the first mall next to the house, and this is when I began to feel happy and content because I was able to touch the beauty items I so wanted but couldn't have because we don't have them in Lebanon. I swear we were going to three malls on one day, this is something that never happens here, and what is funny is that all malls have the same shops, but I actually did not really care. My uncle's wife met us and we went to other malls LOL! We also went to some Palace made of GOLD. 

ANYWAYS, two days after we got to Abu Dhabi, my friend came and picked us (me and my mother) to DUBAI! As you may all know Dubai is supposed to be the place for everything, the place where you can find everything you dream of, which is true, but what's annoying is that if you are not sure of the road or where you are going, or by mistake you miss the U turn you are DOOMED! hah! You actually need a GPS to drive in such countries. It is different that Lebanon, in Lebanon you can go wherever you want without panicking. It took us 2 and a half hours from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, we first checked in the hotel, our hotel room is based on a small tiny room, in which you have a television, and the bed is placed right next to the bathroom, and please note that there is NO WINDOW in the room, but for one night we didn't need more than that. 
On the same night we decided to go have a drink. To have a drink in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is different than other countries, you don't find pubs like you find coffee shops, you've got to go to a Hotel to enjoy a glass of wine or a beer, and they usually stay open til late at night, but you've got to order your last drink at 1h30. What happened with us is that the GPS decided to stop working and to take us on another road (yey to that, because we got to see Dubai by night), so we had to change our plans and land in the first place we found, and this is what actually occurred. 
The next day we went to Dubai Mall and this is where I went all "eeep" all the time, where I actually got all I was looking for (make up or clothing wise). And later that day we went back home and had a cozy and calm night were I got the chance to watch some TV and relax from all that has been going on (such as the crazy incident on the plane .. )
So yeah, the starbucks naming problem follows me everywhere, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi my name has nothing to do with Vanessa, he decided to name me Banansa
Saturday the 14th went like any other day. Everyone was with their hubbies, or fiancĂ©s or loved ones, and I was there sitting with my mother eating and walking in malls, which was so fun. Oh I almost forgot to mention, Valentine for the people of UAE is like Christmas or New Year for us, they make you feel less "lonely" if I could say that. I swear, wherever you go people around you are wishing you a happy valentine, which made us smile every time. 

We are on Sunday, the last day of our trip. We went to a mall that only and I repeat ONLY HAVE HIGH END SHOPS, such as Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Louboutin (tears in my eyes), I swear the only two shops that are "down to earth" pricing wise were La Senza and Sephora. But being in a country where no one judges you if you buy or not I entered all the shops and tried whatever pleased me.

After the half day spent in the last mall, we went to the airport and this is when I couldn't contain myself from the happiness I had in me; I'm a person who LOVES Lebanon, and I can't imagine living outside of Lebanon. Instead of going three hours in advance we went four hours in advance (my mother just wanted to leave).

The best part of this trip is when I got back and saw my baby waiting for me at the airport with a bouquet of red roses and a card <3 

Photo taken at YAS mall in Abu Dhabi, where you find the Ferrari World

Anyways, I wanted to share briefly my trip with you, and I also want to thank my dearest friend Joelle M. for sharing this journey with us and for baring with us and waiting with us.
Much much love.


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  1. It's always a pleasure to read your article. And I love your pictures ! Thank you for sharing <3

    1. Thank you <3 it's nice to know you read my posts. Love