[AccordingToMoi] A love affair with pastels and nude colors.

Essie Gelish. Some people are addicted to colors, others might just love dark colors, and some others (like myself) might obsess ov...

Essie Gelish.

Some people are addicted to colors, others might just love dark colors, and some others (like myself) might obsess over nudes. I am known to love nude colors and pastels, either it's related to clothes, nail polish, or even house decorations. Personally I love these colors on a white and pale skin, but it doesn't mean that darker skin tones won't "suit" these shades.

Nude colors on nails for example, makes your hand look more feminine if I might say, and it gives the impression that your hand are "skinnier". Plus psychologically you see that your nails look "cleaner" -to each his own point of view of course-.
Cuccio Nail Polish - Longing for London.
A lot of brands provide these colors, Essie has a big range of nudes and pastels.
images provided from Essie's official Facebook page.
These two colors are just perfect and beautiful. Seriously, plus look at the names they give such shades. "Tuck it in my Tux" and "Topless and barefoot". Can it get any cuter?

Other than that nudes and pastels can go with anything you are wearing, either you are wearing black or white or anything, and they would look good with any sort of make up. When if you have red nail polish and you go for a burgundy lipstick something won't look right, it's either red nail polish and red lipstick or vice versa.

Clothing wise, look at how beautiful this top and earrings look with my skin tone and lipstick. 
Earrings from Vero Moda, Top from Promod, Necklace from Forever 21.
seriously, the lipstick goes perfectly with the earring and top.
Other than clothes and nail polish and stuff, did you see how beautiful pastel hair color looks on Caucasian skin? lets take Victoria (Inthefrow) and Leanne-lim Walker. The hair color of these ladies is so beautiful.

Leanne-Lim Walker
They have a hair color to die for. Such hair dye needs so much attention and care (just like highlighted or blond hair), the only "issue" to have such a hair color is that it will be harder for you to find a job, unless you work in an artistic field then you are good/"safe".

I hope you enjoy today's post. And always remember when a blogger posts something on her blog she only gives her own point of view of things, you might share the same thoughts or you don't, most importantly is not to judge a person directly.



Photography: Iphone 6 
Editing: VSCO app - Instagram
Other Photos: Essie nail polish's official Facebook page, Inthefrow's official website, Leanne-lim Walker's official website.

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