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Valentine's Day is almost here, and the panic has already started. Some people are into valentine others are not even close to cari...

Valentine's Day is almost here, and the panic has already started. Some people are into valentine others are not even close to caring about this day. (Concerning me, valentine's day is just a normal day, and I believe that I don't need a specific date to give my love a gift or tell him that I love him.)

Let us start by making a "deal". PUPPIES and KITTENS are not gifts (neither valentine's day, or Christmas day or any other day) and IN CASE you are insisting on giving a pet, you can adopt a beautiful fur friend from BETA Lebanon (website).


A lot of girls have A LOT of passions these days, (make up, jewelry, flowers or plants, reading and stuff) so mister, you do not need to go crazy and lost, without knowing what to give her, I am here today to help you get over this PANIC ATTACK!

   1 - MAKE UP
All girls have an addiction to make up, some more than others but I can assure you that if you get her anything related to make up she will love it.
You can get her Lipsticks, lip glosses, eye shadows, blushes, or brushes. DON'T get her concealer, or foundations or anything from this range. It's not that you can't, it's just that you might not know her exact shade and you will pay a lot of money and it won't suit her, go for the choice of items she will surely like. I suggest you go to shops like (MAC, Makeup For Ever, Chanel, NYX ...)
For example this NYX palette (already featured on the blog)
it has 15 eyes shadows, 4 blushes and 3 contouring blushes.
for 64 000 L.L.
   2 - JEWELRY
They say Diamonds are a girl's best friend, OKAY, nothing oblige you to buy diamonds, but you can get her a cute necklace, or bracelet or earrings from any shop like VERO MODA, or FOREVER 21, or BERSHKA and such shops, you know?
But I have a better idea for you, there is girl (I don't personally know her, but my friends do know her, she makes AMAZING jewelry. She makes items for both men and women, and they are amazing and VERY VERY VERY affordable. (Here is a direct link to her Facebook page, HELEN DESIGNS)
Already featured on the blog
these are 2 necklaces I got from Forever 21 for 39 000 L.L
really nice and they go with almost everything.
   3 - WATCHES
And why not. Some girls live for watches, and there are some watches that are not expensive and that are nice, and passe partout

   3 - BOOKS
Some people are book worms, they have a passion for books. Lately a lot of bloggers and youtubers are writing their books, and I have already purchased Zoe Sugg's (zoella) book (Girl Online) and it's an amazing book, and now I ordered Tanya Burr's book (LOVETANYA). This type of books is really fun to read, they are not philosophical books, or stuff, but more like biographical books and stuff.
this photo is taken from Google
Here's the front cover of Tanya Burr's book.
   4 - CANDLES
A lot (I am one of them) LOVE candles, the smell, the form, the color maybe, and having a candle as a gift would make them really happy. you can go to Bath&Body works they have pretty candles, or you can go to Centerpoint (in City Mall - Dora) and get the Yankee Candles (they're a bit less expansive than the B&BW candles)
Bath&Body works candle
(already featured on the blog)
   5 - CLOTHES and SHOES
Fashion and girls, need I say more? A cute dress and heels will do great.

   1 - FLOWERS
Some people can only afford buying flowers for valentine, and that's not wrong. What I mean by don't get her flowers is simply that if you are lost with what to get her, don't get her flowers. you better not get her anything than flowers to be safe!

My fiancé got me a huge red bear last year (PS: I asked him for it) along with other gifts (he got on his own of course), and I love it sooo much (don't get me wrong) but those pictures you see on Facebook with the caption RELATIONSHIP GOALS, are not real. So NO stuffed animals for valentine.

Some girls love everything related to electronics, but not all of them. I personally don't play video games and I won't enjoy a gift related to the matter, like for example a play station or a portable one, or maybe a new Pad or a Laptop and else if you can afford getting her such stuff then go and buy her something she really want, and maybe she have told you what she wants and you didn't pay attention ^^.


Men are harder to choose to. Some girls just don't get the man anything, some others get him a card, some people might even hand him money for him to choose whatever he wants and get it himself. but in this post I will ease your pain girls! Valentine is not a "celebration" only for you, it is for him too. he would love to receive a gift as well, and some men might become grumpy if they don't receive the gift they thought they were having.

One of the greatest gifts they could receive. Most men are into video games and such, some have nothing else to do in life than play online games and stuff, so, you can get him games he doesn't have, or the newest play station or Xbox.
image from Google.
Some men have to wear glasses, like girls of course, and they might not have the time to go choose a pair of glasses, or maybe the believe they are satisfied with the ones they already have, so ladies you can simply go to any optic shops and get him glasses. He surely will love it (I've already done it and he really liked it, I know not all men are the same, but still)

   3 - MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS (this could work on both men and women)
If he's a guitar player, or a drummer, or a bassist, he always needs a new baby (I will call it his baby, because for musicians, their instruments are the love of their lives, ask me), so for example if he's a guitar player, and he already have an electric guitar you could get him an acoustic one, or a semi acoustic, or both if you have the money of course, and you could personalize it with maybe a sentence he likes or something.

   4 - JEWELRY/WATCHES (as well) 
Men also like wearing jewelry. Some men have piercings, or like wearing necklaces and bracelets, you can go to Metallica Shop (in Lebanon, Jounieh, or Abraj ...) and get him stuff from there, they have leather bracelets, or silver items for piercings and they have rings and other things. And as I have said above (in the girl's section) you could check HELEN's page for ideas of jewelry.

Again like girls, men like to receive clothes and shoes as gift, and they usually like to wear stuff you choose. Some men can't decide on clothes usually and they tend to ask their spouses or mothers in other terms they need a feminine advise to get dressed, so you could get him outfits you think suit him or you think he will like and you are surely on the safe side with the gift ;).

   6 - DVDs OR MUSIC CDs
He's a Bob Dylan fan or a David Bowie fan, or a Tom Waits fan or even a Feyrouz (a Lebanese diva) fan or something, then you can either get him a vinyl album, or a DVD of a concert he/she did.
image from Google

   1 - LETTERS
NO LETTERS, men are not collectors of things like we are, they don't do scrapbooks, they aren't into keeping memories around the room, they will never go back to them and read them and be romantic (of course some men are like that) so avoid writing him a letter, he will be happy receiving it but that's it!

We are in 2015 people, just NO!!! Stop it with this idea of red boxers for men. Because if he gets you a red String you won't be really happy about it I guess. Plus he might feel insecure about his body and you will end up fighting over something silly (maybe).


Some people decide on things to do together on valentine's day, here are some ideas you might want to do together.

   1 - TRAVEL
You could put some money aside together and choose a destination to go to and do it, you could go to Turkey, to Cyprus, to Greece, such countries. You could have the time of your lives, and if you have been together for a while, maybe he will pop the question you might have been waiting for.

   2 - SPA DAY
You guys are having very hard moments at work, and you feel like you are not really feeling great about yourselves, just take a day off from work and everything else, and get each other a day at the spa (massages, swimming ...)

This part goes for married couples, you could both choose a Hotel in some mountain. leaving the kids to their grandparents, and go spend the weekend, have a cheese and wine dinner.

You could also choose a date and go to some place you have never been to before and discover it together. you could also go hiking and stuff like that.

   5 - DINNER
You might not fancy this idea, but a very romantic dinner (together, not with friends), in a restaurant or a house you have rented for her, would just be perfect, and you can do it as well ladies, you can be the mastermind behind a romantic dinner, and I've put this category in this section because you can choose to prepare the whole thing together and not have one person be in charge of it all.

Okay this might not be every body's cup of tea, but as a tattooed person I wouldn't say no to have a tattoo with the one I love, I already have a matching tattoo with him, but I won't say not for another one. Plus it's a sign of love for some. But please be careful what you choose as a design, and who's the one tattooing you and of course the placement of your tattoos.

Here is how I see thing in MY opinion, you do not have to do as I have stated before, but if you feel lost and need any advise about the matter you could check what have been said.

I hope you enjoyed the post and that it was helpful enough.
Good luck with your gifts, and may you have a very happy valentine's day full of love, joy and happiness.



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Editing: Photoshop
Online Photos: Google
Music while writing: Watching TV - TF1

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