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There's a saying that says: " you can tell a person's age by their hands" - I actually have no idea who said that, but I ...

There's a saying that says: " you can tell a person's age by their hands" - I actually have no idea who said that, but I remember that I heard it in the movie Coco Avant Chanel. But you actually know the real age of a person by looking at their skin. (OKE! you don't need to fix their skin with your eyes, but what I mean is that the skin reflects your age and who you are the same time)

I was a person who didn't really care about my skin (not that I didn't clean it or something) what I mean is that I did not really care about going to see a dermatologist in order to have a better skin, I believed that if I buy lotions and creams from the supermarket I will be on the safe side, but I was totally WRONG. 

A year and a half ago or a bit more (actually two months after my engagement) a family friend OBLIGED me to go see this dermatologist, and OH MY GOD! I swear by her. She is the best of the best, and NO I am not saying this without having gone to other dermatologists, I am saying this because her treatments and the way she consults you is really appropriate (and note that the treatments she requests you to buy are pretty expensive). I am not saying that the "normal" products are not good, but honestly I did not have a better skin after using them or I didn't feel like my face was glowing or something (like they tend to say in their ads) BUT I DO NOT MEAN THAT YOU (reader) SHOULDN'T USE THEM.

NB: this skincare is suitable for people who share my type of skin (normal to combination skin) , you don't have to use the same products or something.

I use 4 type of creams, 

These are the four products that I have been using for the past year (renewed of course). These products are dermatological and they are found in pharmacies only. I've got 2 night creams, one cream for the eyes (that has the be used morning and night) and 1 morning cream.

Let's begin,

FILORGA, Optim-eyes. Eye contour.
[dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles]
This eye cream is totally magical. As I have mentioned in my previous post, since I started using this cream, my use of concealer has been reduced. it has reduced my dark circles. This product is a must have, sometime you better pay for better results (honestly) but I do not always act by this fact, but still. Once you try it, you really can't stop, and the result shows a week or less after you start using it.
RUBORIL -Expert (normal to mixed skin)
I have a lot of redness on my face, they actually are not really showing up but if you look closely you can see it. This morning cream "reduced" my red spots and it has smoothed my skin (somehow), it's suitable for mixed skins. 
Let me just and simply say WOW. I do not use them on the same day, once I use the EAU THERMAL and once the FILORGA.

FILORGA  Sleep Recover (Baume anit fatigue nuit)
Again another Filorga product. Being a person who sometimes takes ages to sleep, this product simply did amazing changes to my face. (yes I will say the words like that). the Fatigue does not show on my face anymore. In other terms if I slept for 8 normal hours or for 4 hours I would wake up and have the skin of a person who have slept enough.

[anti wrinkles - antioxidant]
And finally, the cream that avoids wrinkles at a young age. Because as most people know, using a lot of make up damages the face, and other than make up, the wind, the sun, the unhealthy water you clean your face with, alcohol, cigarettes and other things are really harmful to your skin, and usually the first signs of a damages skin are the wrinkles that show up either on the forehead, or above the lips. I have fell in love with this product, in the case where you do not have wrinkles yet, it is a preventive product and in the case where you already have a certain amount of wrinkles well this product will just make them "disappear"if I could say.

These are my skin products, I don't think I would use other ones, (unless my doctor requires that I change them or add something to them). NB: you do not need to put a lot of product for a better result, you just need a small amount of product for each use, again these creams are not cheap and you are not willing to pay let's say 140$ every month. I've had them for 3 months now except for the Optim-eyes I have bought a new one last month I guess.

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