[AccordingToMoi] Let's HAUL it.

January Haul or what I will call SALE HAUL! Today I will be talking about what I bought this month ( where from, prices ... ) in thi...

January Haul or what I will call SALE HAUL!

Today I will be talking about what I bought this month (where from, prices ...) in this post you will find LUSH products, FOREVER 21 items, H&MBATH&BODY WORKS and some other things as well, so let's get started.
I will divide the items into categories.

I have a passion for candles, my fiance knows, my family knows, every single person I know must be aware that I have a strong relation with candles, I like their smell, and the bigger the candle is the happier I am, And whenever a candle finishes I reuse it for anything that I need (brush holder, pen holder, I might use it for bracelets or singer or necklaces or something.) and since bath&body works was on sale for this past month, I ended buying 3 huge candles and 1 smaller candle. (one of the 3 bigger candles is not among the photos, because I bought it earlier this month and it's almost empty so it doesn't look nice among them, but for it's details it's called "Marsh Mallow Fireside" and it smells like burnt marshmallows. *YUM*

NB: all the candles are on sale and I got each for 11 000 L.L., except for the small one I got it for 8,500 L.L.
This is the Lilac Blossom, it smells like Lavender, and it really is FRESH <3

This candle is simply AMAZING. its smell is gorgeous and whenever I smell it it's like I go back to this Christmas season (and not because it is called NOEL, *So clihcee) it smells like vanilla and burnt sugar.

This is one of my favorite candles, even my fiance and dog fell in love with the smell of this one. Maybe we have a thing for Cookies? *We are one weird family. Whenever you are hungry and you do want to eat, just grab this candle and smell, you will feel totally and typically full.

b - LUSH
What can I say here! my addiction to personally buy lush products started when I received a Christmas gift from my sister in law, the gift was 2 shower gels. Actually I had a thing with the smell of Lush products, I used to just enter the shop to smell it and then leave without buying anything. This time I entered the shop and bought a bunch of products.

This is the "Ocean Salt" scrub. I paid like 20 000 L.L. for it and it was worth it. (Please note that lush is pretty expensive for natural stuff, but totally worth the money) and you do not need to put a lot of product to get a better result, just grab a little bit and you are fine.

OH MY HEAVENLY GOD. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS LIPSTICK. I have never seen a long lasting lipstick. (not even my MACs gave me this result) and the color is just on point, I always wanted this red. I paid 45 000 L.L. not as expensive as a MAC lipstick or a MakeUpForEever ones. 

For a Cleansing Lotion it's good, it gives you a great result and it does not make your skin feel like it's sticky or something. I got it for 27 000 L.L. Compared to the high end products that I have used it's not bad. and I will definitely buy it again (I will buy the bigger size)

I have tried drugstore foundations, and high end foundations. and this one TOPS them all (for an everyday use) I will not say any other words about it!!!! 
I paid 45 000 L.L. if I'm not mistaken.

As you may all know, forever 21 is finally open in Beirut. and since the day it opened I have been there for like 5 times (and it has been open for only 1 week), the range of prices is really perfect, the items they are selling are pretty and they suit all styles, and they have pretty pretty PRETTY onesies (I will not show you my onesie because I wore it already and it is being washed at this exact moment. All of the items you are going to see are silver and not gold because since I changed my engagement ring to white gold I barely wear gold colored items.
3 bracelets in one package, what else do I need. this makes me happy. One has a purple stone, one has a white stone and the third doesn't have a stone, just the silver underneath the round shape. I got them for 11 000 L.L.

Also 3 items in one package. I got them for 5,500 L.L. i am not a huge fan of feathers, but these are "cute".

I got this one with another triangle necklace that I will post right after this photo for 15 000 L.L. it's a ras du cou necklace, and has 5 white stones, it's a nice necklace, goes really nice with a casual outfit.

The moment I laid my eyes on these 2 I knew that I had to buy them. And as you may have noticed big necklaces are so in this season. I got them for 29 000 L.L. 

I'm not a big shopping freak, yet I go shopping at least once a week, on weekends for example when I go to the mall with my parents to spend the day or something.
Meet my H&M shirt. I got it from the men's section (yes the men's section) I tend to like some items that are made for boys (shirts or belts for example) So yesterday I went to H&M to check a shirt my fiance wanted to buy and it's when I saw this beauty. I always wanted a red squared shirt to wear with leggings or jeans, and here it was waiting for me to buy. I got it for 39 000 L. L.

A casual jumper from Forever 21. It goes really nicely with jeans with cute heels or converse. I paid it 39 000 L.L.

I didn't want to buy it at first. I thought it would make me look fat, but then when I felt the material I totally felt that I HAVE TO BUY IT. it would look perfect with leggings (black or dark navy blue), with ankle boots or ballerinas. I also got it for 39 000 L.L. from Forever 21.


I needed these actually, I was always taking my mother's because I do not like to use the brushes I usually use for clients so I buy ones from different shops. And I got these for their price (8 000 L.L. from Forever 21) and when I opened the bag they were in and touched the brushes I felt like it was a great purchase for what they cost. 

- Powder brush
- Brow brushes (one to apply the product and one to comb the brow)
- Lipstick brush
- eye shadow brush 

A bath&Body Works body lotion. For Christmas I got the bigger sized bottles for my mother (along with 5 other products), but I fell in love with the smell of this one. On sale I paid it 13 000 L.L. This is the smallest size.

Another Bath&Body Works product, it's the hand gel, I always keep in my bag one of these. (not necessarily from this brand though). On sale I got it for 2 000 L.L. and it originally cost 6 000 L.L. you do not need to use a lot of product for a better result in that way it lasts even more than any other product.

The forever 21 sponges are a must have (they do not have to be from Forever 21). in this bag you have the foundation sponge, the powder foundation sponge and the concealer sponge (if people like to apply the concealer with a sponge) for 5 000 L.L. it is not bad to have these gadgets. 

In a previous post I  have mentioned my makeup bag, but after a while of having to take with me the whole bag I felt like it's a bit too much and it's heavy in my bag, so I bought this cute little lippie make up bag in which I will be putting only the make up I used, for example I will only put in the blush, the foundation, the lipstick and the brushes I used in case I need to retouch anything. I got it for 11 000 L.L.

And one more thing from Forever 21, and it's a shower cap. IT'S THE CUTESTTTT. It has the Eiffel Tour on it with a bow (and whoever knows me, knows I am a bow freak) I paid 5 000 L.L. for it I guess (not sure)

And finally I bought (actually my mom did, because you can't leave me alone in a supermarket, because I will end up buying it all) this magic maker. THIS IS THE BEST PRODUCT I HAVE EVER USED ON MY HAIR. I have never tried a better shampoo, conditioner and oil. It makes my hair smoother and softer and shinier, and the smell is just PERFECT. and it has 20% off *YEY, my mom must have said*

I hope you enjoyed this haul, I will be posting a haul every month I guess (whenever I have a huge amount of items to talk about),
If you have any suggestions of things you want me to talk about please feel free to mention it in the comment box down below.


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