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Get a dog they said, it's fun they said. Today's post has nothing to do with beauty or fashion or lifestyle, today's post...

Get a dog they said, it's fun they said.

Today's post has nothing to do with beauty or fashion or lifestyle, today's post is going to be all about the little soul that fills my heart with joy and happiness and whom without I could really feel empty. This post will be accompanied with a lot of pictures (mainly black and white pictures) Enjoy.


Tessie is a black lab, mixed with another breed, but we are not really sure with what breed. She is 3 years old. (still a baby for me). I got Tessie as a gift on Christmas 2012. And since that day I fell in love with her. She was really small and tiny when I got her, actually not a normal "small" and 'tiny". because of the fact that her mother is breeding like twice a year, it affects the puppies the mother gives birth to. Some of the puppies may die, others may come with health issues. My Tessie had health issues. She had a Canine Cough, I had to operate her to remove 2 canines that were stuck and were stopping her adult canine to get out, other than that she has a big chest (for a Labrador I mean) and to sum it all, she has a hip dysplasia (it usually affects big sized dog.) Thank GOD it's not a major problem. She can run and jump and play normally, but we have to always pay attention to this problem. Being a person who's against dog selling, I decided to neuter her. A lot of people were against me and were like you shouldn't do it and stuff. 

Tessie is not my first dog. I had a golden retriever named Leica. (since she was our first dog, like the first dog to ever go up on the moon, and because we are a family of photographers, we decided to name her after a camera brand.) But Leica died of  Vaginal Cancer, she had her period once and never got in heat again, and this issue led to have cancer, and this was a lesson to me honestly, since that day I decided that any dog I own will and have to be neutered. 

Tessie is a CRAZY dog. And by crazy I am cuuuute. For example, whenever I come back home, either in the morning, or in the afternoon, or at night she runs toward my room and grabs my pajama and gives it to me. For her, when I am come back home I should sleep. And I personally find this really cute and sweet. Another example, when my parents and my fiance comes home she runs towards the living room and grabs the pillow and starts running around the dinning table. 

Tessie is a playful dog, she always wants to play, and jump and run and go all crazy crazy. She has the jump of a Kangaroo, especially when you're about to give her food, or if you are standing holding food in your hands.
I wish my dog could speak, but then I remember all she has seen and heard.

Tessie and I have the weirdest relationship ever. I love her to the moon and back and I believe she knows it, but at the same time she like to get on my nerves with few things she does. For example, when I want to go to bed at night and she is sleeping under the table, I call her once, twice, three times and she hasn't showed up yet, and the moment I decide to get out of my warm bed to get her she starts running around the dinning table (the dinning table is her playground) and whenever I am close to catching her, she runs in the opposite side. This "game" lasts for around 10 minutes, because at the end I give up and go to the kitchen and grab a treat and it's when her highness runs before me to the bed room. What I like to do is make her believe I have a treat in hand, and when she discovers that I have nothing she just sits on my bed and give me that meanest look she has been practicing for the past year.
her eyes are just so beautiful
I have never seen a more photogenic dog, honestly, and because she is too photogenic, miss Tessie hates the camera. Whenever she is being all cuddly and sweet and giving me all of her attention, and I decide to take my phone and take a picture of her, she just gets up and leave.
The day I took those photos, I guess she was just too lazy to move. and if you notice she barely look at me, I had to steal a look from her eyes. I had to scream whenever I want her to look at me, and she would just look for a fraction of a second, and then directly move her face. 
The love relation she has with food is totally and amazingly weird. Whatever you are eating belongs to her. (in her mind, of course), and she does this cute little thing when you eat, she just put her paw on your feet and whenever she sees that you didn't give her food, she pokes you like "Hey, I'm here, gimme food Human". and the look she gives you makes you believe she has been all day starving, for those who don't know (which is most of the readers) Tessie eats twice a day, so she can't be starving.

She potty trained herself on her own. I SWEAR. All dogs pee and poop at home, and she was one of them, when I first get her, I bought her pads (like one they use at the hospital) on which I applied some sort of liquid that smells like the pee of dogs (of course you don't smell like like dogs do) and since I started using those she learned that she should pee and poop on them, and after less than a year of using the pads, she and I swear on her own she stopped using them, and to inform you that she wants to pee or go down, she would just sit next to you and keep on barking until you turn to her and ask her "who wants to go bye" and she would just run towards her leash and bark even harder. 

She has that thing, she sleeps as long as I sleep. In other terms, if I sleep until 12h, she sleeps until 12h, and once I put my glasses on, she would get out of her bed. 

She is the most jealous dog you can meet, by the way. Whenever my fiance gets here, she wouldn't let me say hello to him. She would just jump on him and if I dare approach she would bark really loud.
She is totally IN LOVE with him.
When I went to Dubai last year, I traveled for 5 day, the day I got back home he was with me, and guess what? she just didn't even give a damn about the fact that she hasn't seen me for 5 days, she jumped on him and played with him, and I was like I'm your owner you B****. but of course when she noticed me (after 10 long minutes) she wouldn't let me sit on my bed, she jumped and played and showed me her toys.

I adore my dog more than anything in the world. and I do not get the idea that people can hurt dogs or pets in general. And I believe that we should have a law against animal cruelty in Lebanon. MY DOG IS FAMILY.

I hope you enjoyed the article and catch me soon with a new post. And now I leave you with few photos of Tessie.



Camera: Canon 5D
Editing: Photoshop CS5
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